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The Board

The board shows a flowing RIVER (green) and a still water LAKE (blue) with FISHING POOLS indicating where the fish are feeding. Paths around the bank allow players to move around the board and between the FISHING PEGS whilst collecting BAIT & FLOAT cards and ADVANTAGE cards at PICK UP spaces whilst trying to avoid HAZARDS shown on the path along the way.

go-catch playing board

Fish Cards

The FISH cards show the angler their quarry.

The up turned FISH card shows:

THE FISH – the type of fish that is in play and feeding.
PREFFERED BAITS – the baits that will tempt a bite from the FISH card in play – the angler must hold a matching BAIT card.
HABITAT – RIVER (green) or LAKE (blue) symbols represent where the FISH card in play is feeding and correspond to the FISHING POOLS on the GAME BOARD.
FIGHT – the coloured symbols represent the strength of the fish when hooked and the NUMBERED DICE throws required to land and win the FISH card. Red – the angler must throw a 6 before landing. Orange – the angler can only move when an even number is thrown.Yellow – the angler can move as normal with each dice throw.
WEIGHT – indicates the weight of the fish shown on the FISH card - the total weight of the fish caught by each angler will decide the winning catch.

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barbel playing card zander playing card chub playing card perch playing card roach playing card eel playing card

A small selection of the 38 Fish cards featured in the game.

Bait & Float Cards

The BAIT & FLOAT cards show a variety of baits, floats and other bite indicators.

Before fishing the angler must hold a BAIT card matching one of the PREFFERED BAITS shown on the FISH card in play and a FLOAT card matching the RIVER or LAKE FISHING POOL symbols shown on the FISH card and the GAME BOARD.

The CASTING DISTANCE shown on the FLOAT card gives the number of dice throws allowed to reach the chosen FISHING POOL. If the angler cannot reach the FISHING POOL on this turn, they must wait on the FISHING PEG and try again on their next turn.

Note: PLUG and SPINNER BAIT cards can be played without a separate FLOAT card.

A maximum of four BAIT & FLOAT cards can be held at any time – anglers can collect or exchange cards as they land on PICK UP spaces whilst moving around the GAME BOARD.

Once the angler has claimed their catch the BAIT & FLOAT cards used should be returned to the bottom of the BAIT & FLOAT pack and replacement cards should be picked up.

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bread bait card spam bait card worm bait card plug float card spinner float card stick float card

A few examples of the Baits and Floats that can be played during the game.

Advantage Cards

The ADVANTAGE cards show a range of fishing tackle that can help the angler during the game. They can be played to avoid HAZARD cards which the angler may encounter when throwing the STRIKE DICE.

A maximum of two ADVANTAGE cards can be held at any time – anglers can collect or exchange cards as they land on PICK UP spaces whilst moving around the GAME BOARD.

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Hazard Cards

When throwing the STRIKE DICE a player maybe instructed to pick up a HAZARD card, these show a range of hazards and obstacles that can impede the angler during the game. – The angler should follow the instructions on the card unless they hold an ADVANTAGE card which lets them avoid the hazard.

Once played any HAZARD or ADVANTAGE cards should be returned to the bottom of the HAZARD or ADVANTAGE packs.

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keep net advantage card rod rest advantage card umbrella advantage card sinking float hazard card snapped line hazard card bad weather hazard card

Examples of the Advantage and Hazard playing cards.

Two Part Playing Pieces

Each two part PLAYING PIECE consists of a body and top section. The body represents the angler while the top section is detached to represent the float when casting, fishing and landing.

playing pieces

Strike Dice

Once an anglers float has landed on their selected FISHING POOL and they have laid out the correct BAIT & FLOAT cards matching the FISH card they are fishing and must watch for their first bite. On their next turn they must throw the STRIKE DICE and follow the instructions:

MISSED BITE – the angler must try again next turn.
HAZARD – the angler must pick up a HAZARD card and follow the instructions given.
STRIKE – The bait has been taken, the angler has hooked the fish – On their next turn the angler must throw the NUMBERED DICE and manoeuvre around any weeds shown as dark green hexagons on the GAME BOARD to land the fish and claim the FISH card.

strike dice

Numbered Dice

The NUMBERED DICE is thrown to move around the bank and between the FISHING PEGS. It is also thrown to cast the bait to selected FISHING POOLS and when landing the catch. See individual FLOAT cards for multiple dice throw instructions.

numbered dice

Winning the Game

The winner is the angler with the heaviest catch at the end of the game play.*

*Alternatively, the total number of fish or the amount of species caught by any player can decide the winning angler. It’s really up to you but decide before you play.

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