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The Rules


Game board featuring Lake and River fishing waters
Fish cards
Bait & Float cards
Advantage/Tackle cards
Hazard cards
Numbered dice
Strike dice
6 two part angler/float playing pieces

Setting up the game

Sort the FISH, BAIT & FLOAT, ADVANTAGE and HAZARD cards into sets, place the HAZARD and ADVANTAGE cards face down to the side of the GAME BOARD. Each angler must select a two part coloured playing piece and place it on the start space. From the BAIT & FLOAT pack deal each angler two cards. The remainder are placed face down alongside the HAZARD and ADVANTAGE cards at the side of the board. The FISH cards are shuffled and placed face down on the board, the top FISH card is then turned over; this is your first quarry.

Moving to the fishing peg

Each angler throws the numbered dice, the highest scorer goes first.

Throwing the numbered dice in turn each angler moves around the board towards a FISHING PEG of their choice. However, before moving to the FISHING PEG the angler must hold a BAIT card matching one of the PREFFERED BAITS shown on the FISH card and a FLOAT card matching either the RIVER or LAKE FISHING POOL also shown on the FISH card.

If the correct BAIT & FLOAT cards are not included in the original two cards dealt the angler must move around the board landing on the PICK UP BAIT & FLOAT spaces where they can pick up or exchange cards from the BAIT & FLOAT pack. Anglers can collect or exchange one card per turn and hold a maximum of four BAIT & FLOAT cards. They can also pick up or exchange ADVANTAGE cards each time they land on a PICK UP ADVANTAGE card space - only two ADVANTAGE cards can be held at any time.

Tackling up

Once the angler has collected the correct BAIT & FLOAT cards and landed on their chosen FISHING PEG they are ready to cast. The angler must lay out their BAIT & FLOAT cards which match the FISH card in play. Any ADVANTAGE cards collected should be held in reserve and only played to avoid hazards if required, once played the ADVANTAGE card should be returned to the bottom of the pack.


The angler detaches the top section or float from their PLAYING PIECE and using the numbered dice moves or casts to their chosen FISHING POOL matching the symbol on the FISH card in play. The move or cast from the FISHING PEG to the FISHING POOL must be completed within one turn using the number of dice throws (CASTING DISTANCE) shown on their FLOAT card. If the angler cannot reach the FISHING POOL with the number of dice throws indicated, they must wait and try again on their next turn.

Whilst casting the angler can cast over (move through) the weeds shown as dark green hexagons on the GAME BOARD but these must be played around when landing your catch.

Bite indication

When the top section of the PLAYING PIECE or float has landed on the chosen FISHING POOL and the angler has laid out the correct BAIT & FLOAT cards the angler can on their next turn throw the STRIKE DICE:

MISSED BITE – the angler must try again next turn.
HAZARD – the angler must pick up a HAZARD card and follow the instructions given.
STRIKE – The bait has been taken, the angler has hooked the fish – On their next turn the angler must throw the NUMBERED DICE and manoeuvre around any weeds shown as dark green hexagons on the GAME BOARD to land the fish and claim the FISH card.


To land and claim the FISH card the angler must throw the numbered dice and return the top section of the PLAYING PIECE to the FISHING PEG and reunite the two sections of the PLAYING PIECE. Whilst landing the fish any FIGHT instructions shown on the FISH card must be followed.

The first player to reunite the two sections of their PLAYING PIECE can claim the catch and take the FISH card adding its WEIGHT to their total catch. The BAIT & FLOAT cards used for this catch should be returned to the pack and exchanged for new cards.

The next FISH card should be turned over and fishing can continue.

As in real life fishing for the other anglers this is “the one that got away”. Other anglers who have been playing for the same FISH card lose on this occasion and must return to their fishing peg and start again. However, should any angler be fishing with a BAIT & FLOAT card and in a FISHING POOL that matches the new FISH card that comes into play, they may continue fishing and throw the STRIKE DICE on their next turn.

Winning the game

How you decide the winner is up to you.

  1. The angler who catches the greatest weight of fish in a given time.
  2. The angler who catches the most fish in a given amount of time.
  3. The first angler to catch either a given weight or a chosen number of fish.